What’s different between 860 EVO and QVO?

QVO is supposed to be a cheap budget version to the EVO. But what are you giving up in order to have that lower price? Are they important to you? Let have a look.


A multi-level cell (MLC) is a memory element capable of storing more than a single Bit of information.

Triple-level cells (TLC) and quad-level cells (QLC) are versions of MLC memory, which can store 3 and 4 bits per cell, respectively.

Samsung 860 QVO use QLC, Samsung 860 EVO use TLC.

QVO - EVO Comparison

  1. QVO is cheaper than EVO
  2. QVO is slightly slower than EVO by 2%
  3. QVO has 3 years warranty instead of 5 years for EVO
  4. QVO becomes almost as slow as a HDD when it runs out of Cache Memory. It can happen when you copy 80GB file.

If you need big storage, but you don’t usually work with very large file; If you don’t mind cutting off 2 years warranty to save some extra dollars, we suggest you should buy the QVO instead of EVO, because the speed is almost identical.

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